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Time For All Kinds - Jakcom CC2 Smart Pocket Camera Night Vision

Time For All Kinds - Jakcom CC2 Smart Pocket Camera Night Vision

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Brand Name: Jakcom
Sensor Technology: CMOS
Model Number: CC2
High Definition Support: 720P (HD)
Color: Black
Max External Card Supported: 32GB Max TF/SD (32GB Sold Separately)

Charging: USB Charge By PC

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JAKCOM CC2 Smart Compact Camera
2cm Sugar Cube-Body
1080P High Definition Photography
Infrared Night Vision  

Camera With Extended Memory Card Ships Free!!!! 

Delicate Portable Device

2cm x 2cm x 2cm A Body of Sugar Cube


Exceptional Configuration Performance

Adopting A12S main control chip and new-generation ISP image processing unit

With the function of calibrating the distorted shot and the ability of H.264 image coding.



High-specification Lens Combination

Consisting low dispersion lens, UV coated filer, IR filter and other lens filters

Able to effectively suppress the picture dispersion and obtain high-quality imaging performance.



Unexpected “lightness”

JAKCOM CC2 weights only at 10g, equal to that of two A4 papers.

All needed in aerial shooting is a balloon.



2K 1080P Video Recording

JAKCOM CC2 can not only take 2K high-definition pictures

But also supports HD Full 1080P high-definition voiced videos, to record every wonderful moment of yours.



Real First-person Perspective

With its expanding accessories, it can be easily fixed in the middle of the glasses.

With its light and exquisite features, it does not block the sight of the wearer, add no sense of weight, and make the perspective of the picture the same with that of both eyes.



Discover a Different Perspective

With its expanding accessories, the JAKCOM CC2 can be easily fixed on the necklace of your beloved pet, so that you can see us from the perspectives of theirs.



Smart Night Vision Mode

Equipped with 6 array infrared emitters;

Automatically turned on in lightless environments and emits infrared light invisible to the human eyes.

So that JAKCOM CC2 works normally in a dark environment.



Great Wide Angle, Great Freedom

A whole range of 123° for a wide angle perspective,

So that you can enjoy to your heart’s content and get no distraction for records.



Reliable Motion Detection

After the mobile detection mode is turned on, when there is an object moving within the range of the lens,

JAKCOM CC2 will start recording automatically, thus becoming a good helper in taking snapshots and obtaining evidence.



Rich Expansibilities

Whether in a professional UAV or a remote control toy car at home,

JAKCOM is a preferable choice for you to record your achievements and happiness.



Satisfactory Endurance Performance

With a professionally tailor-made high density lithium ion smart battery at a capacity of as high as 300mAh, it enables non-stop video recording for 73 minutes. It can also be accessorized with a mobile power bank for simultaneous charging and recording, so as to achieve super long recording.  



Powerful Portable Pendants

With the three-in-one data cord in the accessories,

It enables the mode of charging, U disk and TV output.



JAKCOM CC2 is a smart compact camera for taking high-definition pictures.

It has light and exquisite exterior features;

It can record 2k voiced video and 4k photo;

It has such built-in smart modes like mobile detection, simultaneous charging and recording, simulation of U disk, TV output and others;

With multiple accessories inside the package, it can expand into rich usage scenarios and become a good helper for you in sporting, travelling, aerial photographing, security and defense, obtaining evidences, taking snapshots.


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