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Fido Mobile

Time For All Kinds - Account Top Up Voucher - Fido Mobile

Time For All Kinds - Account Top Up Voucher - Fido Mobile

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Top up your mobile account without leaving home. No dash to the store, no gas, no line ups, no hassles.

Paid orders for account top ups will be filled by a PIN Voucher and delivered by email in pdf format within 1 hour during regular business hours. Late orders after 9:00 PM, will be filled and emailed by 9:00 am PST the following morning.

Leave a message at the checkout if you wish to pickup in person. You will be contacted to arrange your pickup usually within 1 hour during business hours. Interac Email payments must be received before account credit PIN Vouchers will be issued.

Please allow enough time to top up your account before your top up date passes. It is easier to apply your account credit while the account is active. If you monthly balance is expired, you will need to speak to customer service to apply your PIN vouchers

GST & PST is included in the total price. Please note there is an additional non taxed 1% generation fee based on your top up amount. This equals $0.01 per dollar of the voucher amount. This amount is not adjustable.

For example a $5.00 top up will cost $5 + $0.60 (12% tax) + $0.05 generation fee totaling $5.65.

Fido Mobile generation fees are listed below for quick reference.

$10.00 = .10 Total $11.30

$20.00 = .20 Total $22.60

$30.00 = .30 Total $33.90

$50.00 = .50 Total $56.50

$100.00 = $1.00 Total $113.00


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