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Time For All Kinds - Energizer 387S Watch Battery For Bulova Accutron 214 With Spacer Ring 0%Hg

Time For All Kinds - Energizer 387S Watch Battery For Bulova Accutron 214 With Spacer Ring 0%Hg

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Energizer 387S Watch Battery, Silver Oxide, 1.55V

Battery Size387S
Battery TypeSilver-Oxide
Type: Coin/Button Cell
Chemical Composition: Silver Oxide

Suitable Replacement for the Renata 387S Watch Battery

The 1.55-volt, silver-oxide battery is rated for approximately 600 hours' use while its average capacity is 60 mAh to 1.3 volts. The battery measures 11.6 mm in diameter (.457 inches) and stands 3.6 mm (.42 inches) thick.

Since 1995, mercury batteries are no longer manufactured due to environmental issues involving the toxicity of mercury. The 387S watch battery has a distinctive appearance and wears a plastic collar designed to adapt the 394 silver oxide battery to the size of the RM400 or PX400. The 387S watch battery has a nominal voltage of 1.55V which is different from the 1.35V produced by the original RM400 or PX400 mercury cell.

If you use this battery in a camera, you will need to compensate for the higher voltage by a fixed number of stops or by adjusting the ASA setting. There may be as many as two f-stops underexposure by a camera that uses 1.55V silver oxide battery instead of the original 1.35V mercury battery, but the compensation you require should remain constant.

Beware, if you find a new PX400 mercury battery it was made prior to 1995 and will likely be dead or almost dead.


  • Voltage: 1.55 Volts
  • Capacity: 60 mAh
  • Chemistry: Silver Oxide

Energizer 387S Battery equivalent: PX400, EPX400, RM400, H-B, V400PX, E400N, PM400R, KX400, T400N, 387 Mercury, E400, RM400R

Energizer 387S Battery is compatible with: watches, photography devices, calculators, others

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