Collection: Sim Cards @ Time For All Kinds

This collection of Sim Cards are for Canadian mobile network providers. In some case you need to have an exsisting postpaid account to use their sim cards. Most Sim Cards can be purchased for use with a prepaid plan where you buy your minutes and or data monthly in advance. In all cases you must purchase a sim that matches the desired network provider. Sim Cards are non-refundable as the SIM number is not reusable once the card has been activated. All the sim cards offered come in the convenient 3 in 1 adapter which includes a nano sim card in a micro and standard card adapter so no matter your required sim type this card will work. You can keep the remaining adapter pieces in case you change to a device that uses a different size sim card.

Please note a Mobile Account Voucher is used to top up a existing active mobile account. If you purchase a Mobile Account Top Up for a newly created account, please be sure the account registration has completed and your number is active prior to applying the Voucher PIN to your account . All Account Vouchers contain top up directions. If your service has already ended, dont worry you can still purchase and use a top up PIN but you may need to contact your service provider to apply your Voucher PIN.

Please also note when transferring your exsisting number to a new mobile provider yourself online, you must not discard your old SIM card. Have your old SIM card in a phone that is powered on nearby as it will be required to verify your transfer request from your previous service provider. The new mobile provider will not be accepted without confirming this verification. For uncretainty transferring your number please complete the number transfer directly with the new service provider's Customer Service line.